2020 Nanjing Audit University Admissions Guide

Introduction to Nanjing Audit University


Nanjing Audit University, or NAU, is the only university with the word “Audit” in its name and one of the cradles of higher education of auditing in China. NAU was initially founded in 1983 and changed its name into Nanjing Audit University. Former Nanjing Higher Financial College was merged into the school in 2002. NAU was rated “Excellent” in the undergraduate teaching evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2007, and was authorized to be one of the first universities to grant Master of Auditing by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council in 2011. In the same year, the University became jointly supervised by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the National Audit Office and the Jiangsu Provincial Government. In 2013, NAU was officially authorized to grant master degrees (academic degree). With 35 years of development, NAU has established itself as an educational powerhouse in the fields of auditing, accounting, finance, and economics; while also excelling in the disciplines of management, law, liberal arts, science and engineering.


NAU’s current full-time student population totals about 16,000, with the combination of undergraduate students, postgraduates and overseas students. It has a strong teaching faculty of over 970 teachers, including over 150 professors and 480 teachers with Doctor Degrees. Today’s NAU consists of two beautiful campuses, Mochou and Pukou, covering a total area of over 145 hectares. The Audit Academy of the National Audit Office of China (CNAO) is also set up in Pukou Campus.


NAU currently has 16 teaching colleges/departments, such as the School of Government Audit, the School of Accounting and so on. Besides, NAU also has 19 research colleges, such as the Institute of Auditing and Ruihua School of Auditing and Accounting. It provides 35 undergraduate programs. Auditing, finance, and public finance are three featured majors granted by the Ministry of Education; auditing and finance are authorized as the Pilot Projects for Major Comprehensive Reform by the Ministry of Education; auditing, finance, public finance, business administration, management science and engineering are listed as key disciplines of the “12th Five-Year-Plan” of Jiangsu province. NAU owns three provincial star subjects (auditing, finance and public finance), five provincial featured subjects (public finance, accounting, business administration, international economics & trade, information management & information system), a Base of Innovative Finance Talents Cultivation (Finance Specialty), one teaching team is awarded National Excellent Teaching Team and two are awarded Jiangsu Excellent Teaching Team.


The school now owns 14 postgraduate programs. “Auditing Science and Technology” and “Modern Auditing Science” (supporting disciplines: Law, Management Science and Engineering) are selected as Jiangsu College Preponderant Discipline Construction Project. Applied economics is selected as the key list discipline of the same project. Theoretical economics is selected as the provincial key disciplines in cultivation of the “13th Five-Year-Plan”. Public administration, Statistics, Computer science and technology, Mathematics and Theory of Marxism are selected as the provincial key disciplines in construction of the “13th Five-Year-Plan”. The discipline of Business Administration is rated B in the fourth national discipline evaluation, which is ranked top 20%-30% nationwide.


Ten teachers were granted Changjiang Scholar Award, the highest academic award issued to an individual in higher education by the Ministry of Education. Two teachers are listed in the “Thousand Talents Program”, two in the “National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project”, one in the “Ten Thousand Talents Project”, one Century Talent of the Ministry of Education. Eight teachers enjoy the State Council special allowance. Six middle-aged and young teachers are provincial and ministerial experts with outstanding contributions. Three teachers are selected in the “Supporting Plan of Outstanding Talents in the New Century” of the Ministry of Education. One teacher is in the National Postgraduate Teaching Steering Committee of Master of Auditing and five teachers are members of Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education. Three teachers are listed as the National Accounting Personnel Training Target by the Ministry of Finance. One teacher is National Outstanding Teacher of the Ministry of Justice. In addition, we have over 180 teachers as listed in the Jiangsu Province “Innovation and Pioneering Plan”, Jiangsu Province Specially-appointed Professors, Provincially Well-known Teacher, candidates of Jiangsu 333 Talent Project, candidates of Jiangsu Talents in Six Fields, and Jiangsu Excellent Educators. Over 10 teachers are awarded advanced individuals of CNAO and Excellent Educator of Jiangsu. Four teams of NAU have ranked among the elite scientific innovation teams as well as one team as Excellent Teaching Team of Jiangsu Province Qing Lan Project.


NAU has two social science research bases of Jiangsu Province, namely “Research Center of Modern Auditing Development” and “Research Center of Financial Risk Management”. There are four provincial key labs, namely “Public Engineering Audit”, “Audit Information Engineering”, “Financial Engineering” and “Jiangsu Audit Big Data Engineering”. The journal of Audit & Economics Research sponsored by NAU is the national core journal, the source journal of CSSCI. The Journal of Nanjing Audit University is listed as source journal of CSSCI (extended).


In the past five years, NAU has undertaken 113 national natural science fund and social science fund projects, as well as 171 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects. Faculties from the university have published 163 essays in authoritative journals such as Journal of Business Ethics, Energy Economics and Economic Research Journal, 1080 articles in CSSCI/CSCD journals, over 100 academic monographs, and won 40 prizes at the provincial and ministerial levels, including the first prize for Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research (Human and Social Sciences)of Institutions of Higher Learning by the Ministry of Education, and the first prize for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province.


NAU actively promotes internationalization of education. NAU offers China Government Scholarship for Auditing Master Program which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. The university has established extensive cooperation with London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom, the Lomonosov State University of Moscow in Russia, the University of California, Santa Cruz in the United States.NAU has been recognized as the only Partner University of IAEP (the Internal Auditing Education Partnership) program in China. NAU has made exchange contacts with international organizations such as the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), the Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI), the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), supreme audit institutions and institutions of higher learning of ten-odd countries and areas including the U.S. and France. NAU cooperates with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to foster international CPAs and has been granted “the university cultivating most ACCA talents in the world” and Platinum Status as training provider by the ACCA Headquarters. In the past five years, over 800 teachers went abroad visiting first-class universities and SAIs for academic exchange, or taking part in training programs. 62 person-time university teachers were engaged in UN audit programs. Over 2000 students have visited foreign universities or institutes on exchange programs, or attended international conferences, academic competitions and overseas voluntary activities, etc. A total of 1000 foreign experts and scholars such as Myron Scholes, Nobel Prize Laureates for Economics, Dr. Josef Moser, Secretary General of INTOSAI and President of the Austrian Court of Audit, Mr. Didier Migaud, Auditor General of the French Court of Audit,Mr. Aroldo Oliveira, President of Brazil’s Court of Accounts (TCU); Mr. Shri Shashi Kant Sharma, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Mr. Thembekile 

Kimi Makwetu, Auditor-General of South Africa, Dr. Sheriffi Sharifi Mohammed, Auditor General of Afghanistan, Prof. Mussa J. Assad, Auditor General of Tanzanian and Mr. Richard Chambers, President of IIA have visited NAU to give lectures or carry out academic exchanges, and some of them were conferred honorary professors of NAU.


A “bi-school” module (Runyuan College, Zeyuan College, Chengyuan college and Qinyuan College) has been set up to help cultivate the students from both academic and extracurricular aspects. The school graduates boast high competitive ability, employment rate and high level of employment. According to The employment, early warning and key industries talent supply report of university graduates in Jiangsu Province jointly issued by Jiangsu Colleges Enrollment and Employment Guidance Service Center and MyCOS, the indicators of “graduate employment competence index”, “average salary” and “the ratio of graduates’ willingness to recommend alma mater” of NAU rank on the top among universities in Jiangsu. The Annual Report of Postgraduate Education Quality of Jiangsu (2017) issued by Jiangsu Department of Education indicates that the postgraduates are 100% satisfied with our university which ranks the first place in Jiangsu.


Under the new leadership and directed by Xi Jinping’s thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, NAU cherishes honesty, truth pursuing, diligence and devotion to public duty as the school motto and holds the educational philosophy of “distinguishing features, high quality, and internationalization”. The entire NAU people are devoting themselves to building NAU into an elite university with great influence both home and abroad. (Data as at May 2018)


We look forward to your joining us at our dynamic NAU, pursing your goals, realizing your dreams and making new friends in oriental China.


Degree Programmes


Bachelor’s Degree




Management Science


Auditing/ Accounting/ Engineering Management/ Financial Management/ Business Administration/ Public Administration/ Marketing/ Human Resources Management/ Labor and Social Security/ Information Management and Information Systems/ Electronic Commerce/ Logistics Management


Monetary Finance/ Insurance/ Credit Management/ Investment Science/ International Economy and Trade/ Economics/ Public Finance/ Taxation/ Statistics


Computer Science and Technology



Natural Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Liberal Arts

English Language and Literature/ Business English/ Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language/ Chinese Language

Master’s Degree

Master of Management

Auditing/ Accounting/ Business Administration/ Technical Economics and Management



Master of Economics

National Economics/ Regional Economics/ Public Finance/ Monetary Finance/ Industrial Economics/ International Trade/ Labor Economics/ Statistics/ Quantitative Economics/ Political Economics/ Western Economics/ World Economy/ Population, Resources and Environmental Economics

Professional Master

Master of Audit/ Accounting/ Finance




Tuition & Accommodation






Bachelor Programs

4 Years


Majors in the discipline of Management Science


Majors in the discipline of Economics, Science, Law and Engineering


Majors in the discipline of Liberal Arts


Academic Master

3 Years

Master of Management Science and Economics (including 17 programs)

30,000/yeartaught in English

26,000/yeartaught in Chinese

Professional Master

2 Years

Master of Audit/ Accounting/ Fiance

30,000/yeartaught in English

26,000/yeartaught in Chinese



1. Accommodation Fee (CNY):¥2,000/semester.

2. All the rooms are double rooms and shared by two students.

3. Facilities in the room: air conditioner, internet access, refrigerator, washing machine, electromagnetic oven, cabinet, desks, chairs, balcony, wash room, shower room.



Chinese Courses for International Students

Main Courses

Chinese Levels

Class Types


Elementary Level

Integrated Chinese

Able to do simple communication practices, focusing on listening and speaking

Intermediate Level

Listening & Speaking

Able to focus on common oral practices (task-oriented)

Reading & Writing

Able to read and write with focus on common writing practices (task-oriented)

Advanced Level


Able to talk about more complicated oral topics (task-oriented)

Reading & Writing

Able to write more complicated pieces (task-oriented)

Visual Appreciation & Listening

Able to comprehend news from TV/radio (task-oriented)

Supplementary Courses

Introduction to China/ Chinese Culture and Tourism/ Chinese Sports/ Chinese Calligraphy/ Chinese Folk Music/ Chinese Painting


¥6,500 /semester



Application Requirements

1. One copy of the passport;

2. One Application Form for International Students of Nanjing Audit University;

3. The highest educational certificate (Certificates in languages other than English or Chinese should be presented with a notarized translation in English or Chinese);

4. Photocopy of Academic Transcript of your most advanced studies (Transcripts in languages other than English or Chinese should be presented with a notarized translation in English or Chinese);

5. Physical examination record

6. Two 2-inch passport photos

7. Two letters of recommendation

8. Personal statement

9. HSK scores (applier for majors conducted in Chinese only)






Types of Students

Sum (CNY)

Chinese Government Scholarship

(Master of Auditing)

Master Students

Full scholarship:

The scholarship covers tuition fee, accommodation fee, comprehensive medical insurance in China and the living allowance (3,000  per month).

Jiangsu Government Scholarship

Bachelor Students

Full Scholarship:

The scholarship covers tuition fee, accommodation fee, comprehensive medical insurance in China and the living allowance (1,250 per month).

Partial Scholarship: 18,000

Master Students

Full Scholar:

The scholarship covers tuition fee, accommodation fee, comprehensive medical insurance in China and the living allowance (2,000 per month)

Partial Scholarship:


Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship

Master Students


Bachelor Students


Language Students


Nanjing Audit University Overseas Students Scholarship

Master Students

Full Scholarship:


Partial Scholarship:


Bachelor Students

Full Scholarship:


Partial Scholarship:





联系方式/ Contact Information


通讯地址: 国南京市浦口区雨山西路86南京审计大学国际文化交流学院 211815

Address:  School of International Exchange, Nanjing Audit University

       No. 86 Yushan Road (W), Nanjing, 211815, P. R. China

Tel.: 0086-25-58313046

Fax: 0086-25-58313930

E-mail: sie@nau.edu.cn

Homepage: http://www.nau.edu.cn (Chinese)

http://english.nau.edu.cn (English)


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