Zeyuan College

Zeyuan College, founded in March,2014, is located on a hillside with beautiful scenery and composed of a series of infrastructures: a sports complex, restaurants, a supermarket, a bandstand, 20 student dormitory buildings and four working stations (The Plum Center, the Orchid Center, the Pine Center and the Bamboo Center)with respective functions: a counseling room, supervisors’ offices, a book bar, a students’ activity room and a gym. Zeyuan College now has 5,758 undergraduates in 33 majors of 12 departments, 143 collegiate classes and 12 Party branches. The college has 29 permanent supervisors (including counselors) and 2 full-time psychological counselors. In addition, over 100 part-time professors and lecturers are invited to work part time as advisors on students’ study, employment guidance.

The college, while embracing the culture of “the unity of teaching, learning and acting” , encourages students to read classics, perform good manners and develop the qualities of honesty and independence in order to serve the general public and society.