Qinyuan College

Qinyuan College,founded in March, 2014, is equipped with sound facilities including seven student apartment buildings, a playground, a gymnasium, a restaurant, and a supermarket. Meanwhile, it is also elaborately equipped with functional rooms like mentor offices, peer-help workshops, “soul shelter”, a book salon and so forth. Adjacent to Runze Librairie Avant-grade, Qinyuan College is endowed with both beautiful natural environment and humanistic atmosphere. The college is currently home to 2840 full-time students of 73 collegiate classes, covering all four undergraduate grades and 40 majors of 13 schools. At present, there are 14 faculty members, 1 resident psychologicalcounselor, and 320 part-time mentors are hired to provide comprehensive support for students in course learning, career planning,employment guidance, extracurricular activities and many other aspects.