China Auditor General Liu Jiayi Meets CGSAMP Students

On the Afternoon of March 25, 2017, then-current Auditor General of China National Audit Office meets 50 international students on China Government Scholarship Auditing Master Program (CGSAMP) from 35 countries in Nanjing. The 50 international students, formally dressed in clothes of traditional style, warmly welcome Auditor General Liu Jiayi with applause.

AG Liu begins his speech by teaching the CGSAMP students to say “老师好” (Hello, Teacher!), which is to be responded with “同学们好” (Hello, students!). The students do a great job in imitating AG Liu and this really brings them closer.

Mr. Esala Niubalavu, from Fiji, speaks on behalf of the CGSAMP students, saying, “It’s been a great honour and a privilege to stand before you on behalf of my fellow colleagues as recipients of the Chinese Government Scholarship Auditing Masters Program. This study program has brought the Belt and Road countries in person right onto the People’s Republic of China doorsteps and there’s no better way to experience this better than to be in the country itself which is so far and yet so near to our hearts.”

Thai Nguyen Dung, from Vietnam says that she reaps great benefits from Study on Auditing Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics compiled by AG Liu. The shy-looking girl ventures to request AG Liu to sign on her book, and AG Liu gladly accepts the request and encourages her to explore further and make greater progress in learning.

9 international students try to communicate with AG liu at the meeting concerning topics of auditing system and their experience of studying in China.

AG Liu responds with two quotations from classics of Confucianism: “When at home, be filial to parents, when traveling outside, respect seniors. With prudent speech and creditable as a true man, be friendly to strangers, approach to those who have nobility. When one possesses all these qualities and still has time, then he should use the time to learn all kinds of knowledge.” and “Things have their root and their branches. Affairs have their end and their beginning. When he is aware of what to precede and what to follow, he comes near to what is taught in the Great Learning.” AG Liu wishes that the students can put what they’ve learned here in China in the auditing practice of their respective countries.

The CGSAMP students are greatly inspired by the AG Liu’s speech and they show respect to AG Liu, an Honorary Professor of Nanjing Audit University, by calling aloud in Chinese, “刘老师好!” (Hello, Professor Liu!).


At the end of the meeting, AG Liu sends “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China” (English Version) to the CGSAMP students as a gift. In return, representatives of CGSAMP students send a group photo with all the signatures of the students to AG Liu as a souvenir.

Confucius said, “There are friends from afar, how happy we are!” Auditors from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania gather around Runze Lake to devote themselves to the studies of auditing theory and practice and make friends with each other. They will serve as a channel for communication between SAIs of their respective countries. It is firmly believed that China National Audit Office and Nanjing Audit University will be the most cherished part of their memories.