Knowing About Jiangsu: Yixing, the Capital of Boccaro——2016 CGSAMP Students’ Trip to Yixing

On Dec. 19th, 2016, a delegation of 50 Chinese Government Scholarship Auditing Master Program students, led by Vice President Yin Ping, came to beautiful Yixing to experience Chinese culture in the Captical of Boccaro. The faculty of School of International Exchange all participated in this activity. This trip also received great support from Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Li Min, Dean of Jinshen College, who made a lot of preparations for this trip and accompanied the delegation for a whole day.

The first stop of the trip was Yixing Planning Exhibition Hall. Pei Huanliang from Yixing Municipal Party Committee warmly welcomed the delegation from Nanjing Audit University, and wished everyone a good stay in Yixing. The Planning Exhibition Hall displays Yixing in an all-round way: modern industry, technology-based agriculture, time-honored boccaro culture, and ecological awareness. The international students more than admired the city of Yixing.

The second stop was the Red Bull Vitamin Drinks (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. The brand of Red Bull originated from Thailand. It was introduced to China by a Thai Chinese, Dr. Yan Bin. The Red Bull Vitamin Drinks (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd has been in operation since October of 2013. The annual output of company is 1.2 billion cans of vitamin drinks, with six production lines, each producing 600 cans per minute. The students were amazed at the output, efficiency, sophistication of modern Chinese industry.

Yixing is known to the world as the Captital of Boccaro. In the afternoon, the delegation visited Yixing Ceramics Museum, which is one of the largest ceramics museums in the municipal level. The students were enlightened here on the development, the value and the characteristics of ceramic pottery, the design and making of the handicraftsmen. They also witnessed how the teapots were made with their own eyes. This is indeed a good lesson to be learned about Chinese Culture.

The delegation also visited Yixing Eco-Agriculture Park. They were impressed with the Orchid Breeding Base, where they saw modern equipment for breeding the orchid. In the greenhouses for orchid breeding, the humidity, temperature, and sunshine are optimized for the best of the orchid with modern technology. The soilless cultivation of the orchid greatly improved the orchid multiplication and reduced its the price. The high-tech and mechanization of modern agriculture caught the eyes of the students.

Yixing Forest Park was the last stop of the trip. This park is one of the largest in East China and is the epitome of ecological concerns of urban planners in Yixing. The students experienced the harmony between human and nature.

This trip of experiencing culture brings the Chinese cities closer to the international students. It enables them to know more about the development of modern Chinese industry, agriculture and ecology. The students wish that they could visit Yixing again, and visit more places in Jiangsu in order to have a better understanding of Jiangsu.