President Yan Weilong Delivering a Keynote Speech at Beijing Forum

The 13th Beijing Forum (2016) is being held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing from November 4th to November 6th, 2016. Professor Yan Weilong, President of Nanjing Audit University, was invited to participate in the forum. He delivered a keynote speech entitled “The Government Audit of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”.

On the afternoon of November 4, 2016, renowned economists such as Professor Yao Yang, Professor Zhang Weiying, Professor Yu Miaojie etc. delivered keynote speeches at the sub-forum “China’s Role in Economic Globalization”. In his keynote speech, President Yan Weilong elaborated on the institutional background, governance logic and disciplinary foundation of the government audit of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Through his speech, he conveyed his understanding of government audit as a multi-disciplinary issue. He hoped that the economists at the meeting could combine their economic researches with government audit researches, thus contributing to the development of China’s audit.
Beijing Forum is an international symposium financed by Beijing Municipal Government, co-organized by Beijing University, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and the Korea Foundation of Advanced Studies.