CFA Program Attaining Outstanding Success

Nanjing Audit University has been consistently rolling academic education and occupation qualification education into one to cultivate high-level practice-oriented professionals in the area of finance. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Program was established in School of Finance of NAU in 2012, incorporating CFA module into the academic learning. It aims to deepen the students’ understanding of financial courses, equip the students with a keen insight into financial phenomena and the ability of independent thinking. It expects to facilitate the students in furthering their education or working with highly qualified financial institutions.
The past four years have witnessed great progress in CFA program. Among the 49 first-crop graduates of CFA program in 2016, 8 have been admitted into top universities in Britain or America, 32 get employed in highly qualified institutions in the trade of banking, tax and securities, and the remaining 9 further their education in top universities in China.
A large number of students in NAU participate in CFA test. The pass rate of CFA Level One of NAU in December of 2015 was 65%, far above the global pass rate 45%. The pass rate made a great leap forward in June of 2016. 43 students out of a total of 47 passed the test. The pass rate hit a historical high of 91.49%.