Disi Literature Society


Disi Literature Society was initiated in the year 1986, one of the earliest established societies of Nanjing Audit University. Since its inception, the Society has been guided under the principle of “literature and friendship”, dedicated to fostering friendship between readers through their sharing reading experience. Currently we have over 300 members, and have set up the periodical named DISI. We have also instructors from school and beyond, whose advices and guidance are important sources of our improvement.
To implement our motto of serving students and providing opportunities for students to make friends through reading literature, we have successfully organized a number of activities including celebrity lectures, good book recommendation program, volunteer in School Library, literature forums, DISI periodical, and movie criticism activity, etc.
Since the year 2005, we have got several times such awards as “Top Ten Associations”, “Outstanding Association” by the School, and also in 2009 we got the “Top 100 Humanistic Associations” nationally.