Future Auditor Association

Future Auditor Association was founded in the year 1992, initiated by Prof. Wang Huijin, incumbent Vice-President of Nanjing Audit University. The Association is committed to invigorating scientific atmosphere and strengthening professionalism through organizing and holding a variety of audit-related academic activities.
The Association is comprised of six departments, respectively secretariat, academic department, internet publicity department, planning department, and finance department.
    Since its inception, the Association has held a series of lectures on audit-related topics including theories and practice. Besides, it also organizes audit salon where students could hold discussions on audit issues to improve their analytical capabilities and deepen their understanding of audit. The periodical the Association set up, Future Auditor, is a perfect collection of classical audit cases and latest audit hot issues, providing a good channel for students to broaden their horizon.
In future, the Association will speed up its internationalization process by cooperating with global organization such as CIMA and organizing more activities to realize its motto.