Huachuan Society

Huachuan Society was founded in 2006, an organization that is committed to inheriting traditional Chinese culture and ensuring the traditional continuity among college students, for instance, Chinese history, traditional festivals, traditional Chinese medicine, and Han Chinese Clothing performance, etc.
Lecture Room. In this sector, we invite students who are willing to share with us his or her views on certain aspect of traditional Chinese cultures, regardless of their academic backgrounds.
 Traditional Festivals. During the traditional Chinese festivals such as Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-autumn Festival, to name just a few, we hold activities in commemoration of the past history.
    Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a great legacy to be passed down. We specially invite associations from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine to hold lectures and see patients on a volunteer basis.
    Drama and Han Chinese Clothing performance. We organize drama and Han Chinese Clothing performance in honor of splendid Chinese culture.