Speech and Eloquence Association


Speech and Eloquence Association was officially established in 1995 under the leadership of the League Committee of NAU. The association, under the motto of “serving all students, and serving the association”, is dedicated to helping its members develop the speech capability, oral ability, broaden their horizon, enrich their extracurricular activities and improve their comprehensive strength. It now has 900 odd members, accounting for 7% of students at school.
The association organizes activities of various kinds on a regular basis such as theme salon, president lecture, and speech forum, talk show competition, speech competition and eloquence club, etc., among which “Nanjing College and University Eloquence Forum ”, “Speech and Eloquence Cup” Competition and “Talk Show Challenge Competition”are the most famous. The activities it holds are creative and attractive, highly appraised around the campus.
Apart from the activities within the University, the Speech and Eloquence Association also strengthens its exchange programs and cooperates with the outside world, such as other universities, Jiangsu TV, Nanjing Music Station, and has held a series of activities. The Speech and Eloquence Association has won several times the awards of “Outstanding Association” granted by the League Committee and NAU.