The 8th Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on the Responsibility and Role of the SAIs

In September 2015, the 8th meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on Responsibility and Roles of SAIs was held in Nanjing Audit University. The Audit General, Mr. Liu Jiayi first congratulated Nanjing for hosting the meeting and affirmed the efforts of the working group to promote each country’s supreme audit institutions to play a better role in national governance. He pointed out that the key object of the supreme audit institutions should include giving full play to the function of national audit, promoting the effective implementation of public policy and improving its performance, enhancing honest and transparent operation in public sectors, preventing and defusing systemic risks effectively, strengthening the sustained and healthy economic development and social stability, and safeguarding people's interests as well as enhancing social well-being. According to the needs of China's national governance, the National Audit Office has continuously strengthened and improved its audit work, and achieved positive results. It has played an important role in public life and effectively protected the interests of the public.
At the opening ceremony, the chairman of the workshop and the audit general of the Audit Office of Mexico, Juan Potter, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Liu Jiayi, the Chairman of Governing Board of INTOSAI, and China’s Audit Office for the attention and support of Working Group on Responsibility and Roles of SAIs. He pointed out that since 2013, under the leadership of the audit general Mr. Liu Jiayi, the INTOSAI has achieved sustainable development. With the establishment of new strategic plans, we can clearly foresee that the INTOSAI will continue to progress on the road to success, and the members have shown their high appreciation toward this. He also promised that the working group would continue to promote the important role of audit in improving national governance and people's livelihood as well as to develop and actively promote the development and implementation of relevant international auditing standards.
The INTOSAI Working Group on Responsibility and Role of SAIs was founded in 2007, and its main responsibility is to carry out the evaluation and research on the accountability and function of audit institutions. A total of 12 national supreme audit institutions and 28 representatives of the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) attended the meeting. During the meeting, Mr. Liu Jiayi met with the auditor-general of Mexico, Juan Potter and his delegation. The deputy auditor general of China’s National Audit Office Sun Baohou also attended the conference.