INTOSAI's Planning Meeting of International Training Program on Public Debt Audit 

On the 24th November, 2014, 70 audit officers and experts from 22 countries came to Nanjing Audit University to attend INTOSAI's Planning Meeting of International Training Program on Public Debt Audit 
1. Theme
Public Debt Audit 
At this training, 9 experts made keynote speeches on "National Debt Strategy and Policy ", " Auditing Elements in Public Debt Management", "Legal Framework of Audit", "The Concept of Performance Audit—3Es", "Performance Audit v/s Compliance Audit", "Audit Matrix" and etc.. Afterwards the attendees engaged in group discussion.
2.Scientific training process
The IDI training program on public debt consists of four parts, namely, learning, planning, implementation, and summary. In the early stage, the students need to study online for 3 months. 
The meeting is part of the plan, and the participants will propose the working plan for the public debt audit project and improve it by learning from experts.
Since then, the participants will return home to carry out the implementation plans and again and be asked to attend a meeting next year to form the summary of the project and then make the recommendation manual according to it. 
INTOSAI will promote the manual to more supreme audit institutions to improve their capacity on public debt audit.
3. Attended countries and regions
61 participants from 14 countries: including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Georgia.
9 experts from 8 countries: including Argentina, Macedonia, Philippines, Mongolia, USA, Norway, Sweden, and India.
More: International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
INTOSAI was founded in 1953, which is composed of supreme audit institutions of UN member countries. It is the main platform for information exchange, technical cooperation, training and research of the Supreme Audit Institutions. It currently has 192 members and is the second largest international organization only next to the United Nation.
China joined this organization officially in 1983. From 2006 to 2009, China Audit Office assumed the post of the chairman of ASOSAI for the second time; in 2009, China Audit Office has successfully won the right to host the twenty-first session of the INTOSAI. In July 2013, the United Nations issued to Chinese auditor general Mr. Liu Jiayi "The United Nations Peace Keeping Award".
The 21st opening ceremony of the INTOSAI meeting was held in Beijing in October, 2013. Chinese Auditor General Mr. Liu Jiayi served as the new chairman of the INTOSAI Governing Board. It was the first time for Chinese to assume this post and at this meeting the “Beijing Declaration” was released.