The 4th High-Level Audit Seminar for African Countries Held in NAU

On the afternoon of October 16th, 2011, a total of 35 auditor generals and audit officials from South Africa, Ethiopia, Sultan, and 14 other African countries, attended the 4th High-Level Audit Seminar for African Countries hosted by CNAO in NAU. Dong Dasheng, Deputy Auditor General of CNAO, Cao Weixing, Deputy Governor of Jiangsu Province, and all the party and executive leaders of NAU attended the opening ceremony. Senior officials of related departments of CNAO, Nanjing Audit Office and Jiangsu Provincial Audit Office attended the meeting.
The high-level audit seminar for African countries is an important project of Chinese government in aiding African countries. The seminar lasted for ten days and the participants stayed in Nanjing for one week. At the meeting, participants discussed and exchanged ideas on such topics as national audit and national governance, the new development of China’s audit, Chinese computer-aided audit, national audit standards, audit training. Liu Jiayi, Auditor General of CNAO, Dong Dasheng, Deputy Auditor General of CNAO, Shi Aizhong, Deputy Auditor General of CNAO, Sun Baohou, chief auditor, and Wang Jiaxin, then President of NAU, made keynote speeches in the meeting respectively.