Nanjing Audit University Apartment Regulations for International Students

Chapter One General Provisions
Article 1In order to strengthen the management of the apartment of international students, ensure the safety of the lives and properties of international students in the apartment, and maintain the normal order of the apartment of international students, Nanjing Audit University Apartment Regulations for International Studentsis hereby formulated.
Article 2All international students living in apartment shall abide by the regulations. Any violation can result in penalties by SIE in accordance with the regulations.
Article 3The apartment of international students herein refers to the international student community in Chengyuan College House of Pukou Campus.
Chapter Two Accommodation Rules
Article 4 International students registered in NAU can apply for living in the apartment of international students. They should present their valid certifications (passport or residence permit) and Residence Certificateissued by SIE for the checking-in formality.
Article 5 Two international students share one room. Those who expect to live alone shall file a written application to SIE for permission and will be required to cover the accommodation fee of the unoccupied bed only when there are rooms available. Self-financed international students are required to pay the accommodation fee of the whole academic year in a lump sum. Those who fail to pay the accommodation fee within the required dates will be denied the entry to the apartment of international students by SIE and will be required to pay the overdue accommodation fee. Those who need to check out halfway, the accommodation fee shall be refunded by the following standards: for those who check out within the first half of the academic year, half of the accommodation fee shall be refunded; for those who check out within the latter half of the academic year, the accommodation fee shall not be refunded.
Article 6International students should live in the rooms (or beds) designated by NAU and they should not change their rooms (or beds) arbitrarily without permission. They can apply for room move only once after checking in.
Article 7International students should not accommodate others in their apartment rooms. NAU does not provide accommodations for their spouse or relatives.
Article 8International students should ensure the security of the apartment. They should keep their personal belongings safe, and guard against fire, theft, online fraud and phone fraud.
Article 9The superintendents of the apartment of international students are authorized to supervise the daily affairs of international students in the apartment. Routine inspection of the apartment of international students will be conducted by SIE and the superintendents of the apartment. SIE will circularize a reminder or warning and keep a record of indecent behaviours in the apartment.



Chapter Three Public Property Management

Article 10Before lodging, international students need to check the list of the items equipped in their rooms and sign on the list for confirmation. NAU does not provide bedding items. International students can purchase bedding items at the Apartment Affair Office or purchase their beddings on their own.
Article 11Pre-installed facilities in the apartment and rooms are public properties of NAU. If any damage occurs, those who are responsible should repair it and replace it with a new one of the same brand and model. If any irreversible damage occurs, those who are responsible should compensate for it according to the current price of the damaged item. If it is impossible to locate the person who is responsible for the damage, the loss shall be compensated by those who share the room. If natural damage or malfunctioning occurs, they can bring the item to the Apartment Affair Office to change a new one. Before checking-out due to a room move or leaving school, the public properties in the apartment shall be examined.
Article 12The self-catering rooms of the apartment of international students are shared places. International students are expected to guard against fire, keep the rooms clean and tidy, and use the public facilities properly.
Chapter Four Codes of Apartment Conduct
Article 13International students should keep quiet in the apartment area. To ensure a quiet environment for study and rest, international students are expected to produce no noise from 22:30 to 6:30 from Sunday to Thursday, and from 23:30 to 8:00 on Saturday and Sunday. They should not conduct activities which affect the study and rest of others in the apartment. Music or video for personal entertainment should be kept at a proper volume in their own apartment rooms. They should not disturb others.
Article 14International students should come back to their own apartments for rest before 23:00. They should not stay out all night or go out for holidays without asking for a leave. Violators to this shall hold themselves responsible.
Article 15Illegal activities are strictly prohibited in the apartment. Slogans and posters that endanger the national security of People’s Republic of China and the teaching, management and normal order of NAU are strictly prohibited.
Article 16Storage, watching and circulation of books, videos, and network information that endanger the national security and disrupt the normal social order of People’s Republic of China are strictly prohibited in the apartment.
Article 17Religious activities within the territory of China must be performed within the limits prescribed by Regulations on Religious Activities of Foreigners in People’s Republic of China.
Article 18International students shall keep their apartment rooms clean and tidy. They shall not scribble on walls, or keep pets in the apartment.
Article 19Excessive drinking, gambling, and taking drugs are strictly prohibited in the apartment. Commercial activities without permission are strictly prohibited.
Article 20International students should not move or destroy fire fighting equipments and safety monitoring facilities. Violators should compensate for the loss and are subject to penalties from the Security Office of NAU.
Article 21International students should pay attention to the safety in utilizing electricity in the apartment. The last person to leave the apartment room should disconnect the power. Making private wires or using electric furnace, induction cooker, electric frying pan, electric heating stick, electric warmer and other high-power electric equipments is strictly prohibited. Superintendents are authorized to confiscate the electric facilities mentioned above and give the students critical education or disciplinary sanction (in a serious case) when international students are found using them in the apartment. Those who cause fires or other serious consequences shall undertake corresponding legal responsibilities.
Article 22Open fire (from candles, alcohol stove, kerosene stove, coal brazier, cigarette, etc.) and burning paper are strictly prohibited.
Article 23International students should pay attention to the safety when cooking in self-catering rooms. Those who operate the facilities inappropriately shall be responsible for property loss and casualties. They are obliged to clean the self-catering rooms after using them.
Chapter Five Regulations for Visitors
Article 24Visitors are required to bring forth their valid identifications and visit within the visiting time after taking a record at the reception area. Both sides of the visit shall strictly abide by the rules. Superintendents are authorized to interrogate disobedient visitors who skip the visiting formality and enter the apartment rooms without permission. They may also notify the school guard or public security organs under serious circumstances.
Article 25The visiting time is 12:00-22:00 on weekdays, and 8:30-22:00 on weekends and public holidays. Outside the visiting time, the superintendents have the right to ask the guests to leave. International students are not allowed to meet guests during class hours.