Nanjing Audit University Regulations on Payment of Tuition Fee of Self-Financed International Students

Nanjing Audit University Regulations on Payment of Tuition Fee of Self-Financed International Studentsis hereby formulated in accordance with Adjustment of the Financial Cost Standard for International Studentsissued by P.R.C. National Education Commission and P.R.C. National Development Planning Commission, and the real situation of NAU.
1. Self-financed international students registered in NAU are classified into two categories: students for diploma education and students for non-diploma education. The former includes undergraduate and postgraduate students; the latter includes language students and exchange students. The tuition fee for international students shall be priced and settled in RMB.
2. International students for diploma education and those on non-diploma programs for more than one year (inclusive) shall pay the tuition fee by the academic year. Short-term international students shall pay the tuition fee by the semester or the agreed period.
3. International students shall pay the tuition fee of an academic year during registration period. The deadline of payment is the last day of registration according to regulation of NAU. Those who cannot pay the tuition fee due to a special reason, should apply for delaying payment to SIE in advance and sign the agreement of Late Payment of Tuition Fee. Delaying payment requires a 5% fine of the tuition fee.
International students who refuse to pay the tuition fee within 15 days after the deadline will be regarded as giving up student status and will be deprived of registration qualification.
4. If any dropout or school transfer is approved within the first two weeks of an academic year, 80% of the tuition fee will be refunded. No refund will be made two weeks afterthe academic yearstars.
5. The Table below shows the standards of tuition fee for international students.