A Monologue Finished by NAU Teacher and Students


A news conference was held in Beijing on the release of Income Distribution Behavior and Policy (505,000 Chinese characters) which is co-authored by Prof. Yu Yiwen from Nanjing Audit University and Prof. Fan Ming from Henan University of Economics and Law. 31 undergraduate students from both universities took part in the writing, among whom 9 were NAU students.


It took 14 months for the students to conduct questionnaire survey across 31 provinces and they got 26293 valid feedbacks, providing profound data for the research. This monologue is published by Social Sciences Academic Press (China).


In the news conference, Prof. Yu Yiwen pointed out that “perhaps undergraduate students lack professional knowledge to do academic research, but they are offered an excellent opportunity to experience how to do research, and look at social problems from an economic perspective.” One student said, “In the one year when we wrote the book, we experienced hardship among joy. During this process, we have reaped great knowledge and experience that cannot be gained from routine studies. The two teachers teach us not only knowledge, but more importantly a kind of mindset.”