NAU Teachers Cited by CNAO for Their Work in UN Audit

Recently, the university received a Letter of Appreciation from the National Audit Office of China (CNAO), addressing the excellent work in and contributions to the UN audits in 2013 by 8 of our teachers, namely Ge Sheng, Li Zongyan, Wang Sumei, Li Tingliao, Tang Guohua, Zhang Wenxiu, Xie Deqiong, and Dai Feng.


Under the coordinated arrangements of CNAO, the 8 teachers participated in 12 audits including audits on UN Peace Keeping Global Service Center, UNICEF, and performance audits on Procurement Department of UN Headquarters. Their preciseness and expertise won over the praises of audited institutions as well as CNAO.


In recent years, relying on the advantages of our close relations with the audit community, NAU carried out the initiative of off-the-job secondment for young teachers. Since 2008, the number of teachers who were selected to participate in UN audits has amounted to 57 person times.