YAN Weilong, President

YAN Weilong, President,Professor of Economics and doctoral advisor, received his Ph.D degree in Industrial Economics from Renmin University of China.
Prof. YAN was approved to receive the State Council Special Allowance in the year 2008. He was also granted as “Young and Middle-aged Leading Talent in Science and Technology” of Jiangsu “333 High-level Personnel Training Project” (2008) and “Jiangsu Outstanding Educator” (2004).
Professor YAN is now acting as the vice president and secretary general of the Trade and Economics Teaching Research Society of National Colleges and Universities; adjunct professor and Ph. D advisor of industrial economics at Renmin University of China; adjunct professor and master’s supervisor of industrial economics at Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. He is also a member of the Steering Committee of E-Commerce Teaching by the Ministry of Education, deputy director of the Steering Committee of Economics Teaching in Jiangsu Colleges and Universities as well as deputy of the eleventh and twelfth Jiangsu Party Congresses.
Professor YAN has got a number of awards for the courses he taught, including “Trade Economics”, winning the award of “Jiangsu College Top-Class Course” (1998) and “National Excellent Course” (2005), “Modern Enterprise Management”, approved as “National Excellent Course” (2005), and “Transform Trade and Economic Disciplines to Cultivate Business Talents”, getting “Jiangsu Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award” as well as the second prize of “National Outstanding Teaching Achievement”.
Professor YAN has registered numerous academic achievements, including over 10 books, translations and textbooks as well as over 50 papers in such periodicals and newspapers as Economic Research Journal, Management World, Finance and Trade Economics, People’s Daily and Guangming Daily, etc. 
He has presided over more than 10 projects of national, ministerial and provincial level, including state key programs supported by National Social Science Foundation, general projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, and soft science research projects supported by Ministry of Science and Technology.