ZHANG Jianhong, Vice President

ZHANG Jianhong,Vice President, researcher and master’s supervisor, received his doctor’s degree in Engineering, specifically forestry machinery design and manufacture from Nanjing Forestry University. 
Though Prof. ZHANG has for many years been devoted to teaching and research work, education management, and students’ ideological and political education, he has at the same time made great academic achievements in the field of forestry and woodworking machinery design and mechanical engineering design. He has presided over one subproject of a national 863 research project, one key research project in Jiangsu Province and participated in 12 research programs of ministerial, provincial and municipal level. His other academic achievements include four patents as well as the publication of 17 papers and 2 books.
In his college years, Prof. ZHANG was granted the “three good student model” and “outstanding graduate”. In regard to social activities, Prof. ZHANG was given the title of “Outstanding Future Builder of Jiangsu Province” for his excellent performance in the social practice of “Spreading Flame to Hundreds of Places”. The project he charged was selected as the model to the CYL Central Committee for exhibition. His excellent performance in the Party School won him the honor of “Outstanding Student” twice. His talents were also displayed in the organization and planning of such important activities as the sporting events of the Ministry of Forestry, the celebration activities of the 100th anniversary of Nanjing Forestry University, as well as the undergraduate teaching level evaluation. 
In 2005, Prof. ZHANG was awarded by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government the “Outstanding Individual in Post-doctor Regulation”. As a result of his dedication , the postdoctoral workstation of forestry engineering was also granted the “National Outstanding Postdoctoral Workstation”.