SHI Xian, Vice President

Professor SHI Xian,Vice President,holds a Ph.D degree and works as a master supervisor of accounting. She was elected as the representative of the 10th National Women’s Congress of Jiangsu Province, the 11th Jiangsu Provincial Congress of Chinese Communist Party and the 16th People’s Congress of Gulou district in Nanjing. She was recognized as the third level candidate of the “333 Talents Project” program, candidate of the new century “Green and Blue Project” academic leaders training program in Jiangsu Province, and in 1997 she was awarded the title of “outstanding staff in auditing circle” granted by the Ministry of Personnel and National Audit Office of China (CNAO).

Prof. SHI has been engaged in teaching auditing for more than 20 years and was honored “my favorite teacher” many times. The course auditing of fixed assets investment she hosted was recognized as the first-level excellent course in Jiangsu colleges and universities. She has published more than 10 monographs and textbooks, of which construction project audit was recognized as the excellent textbook of Jiangsu Province. Professor Shi has presided over and participated in over 10 projects at ministerial or provincial level and two research projects at national level.
In the past five years, Prof. SHI has published more than 40 papers on Auditing Research and many other publications. Many of them were reprinted by periodical literatures reprinted by Renmin University of China. A number of her research achievements were adopted by CNAO and the Ministry of Finance in major decision-making processes. She was also engaged in the study and formulation of National Auditing Standards. Prof. Shi also works as a professional consultant for several large domestic audit firms and participated in project auditing many times, creating great economic benefits for the country. Prof. SHI is a member of the Academic Research & Trust Fund Committee of International Institute of Internal Auditors. She also serves as the deputy secretary general of China Institute of Internal Audit (CIIA), vice director of China Institute of the Standards Board and Development Research Center of CIIA, and vice president of Jiangsu Province Institute of Internal Audit. In 2008 , she was employed to be the member of the 7th committee of Accounting Society of China and appointed as “professional committee member” by China Engineering Cost Association. In the same year, she was granted the professional consultant by Asian Development Bank.