PEI Yu, Vice President

Professor PEI Yu,Vice President,holds a Ph.D degree in economics and works as a master’s supervisor of economics. Prof. PEI now acts as the academic leader of the “Green and Blue Project” of Jiangsu provincial universities, winning a “May lst labor medal” in 2008 and gaining several honorary titles, such as “outstanding individual in bidding for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing” in 2010. 
He has been teaching economics and finance for over 20 years and was selected as “my favorite teacher” by students for five consecutive years. The course of finance he hosted was recognized as the Level II Excellent Course in Jiangsu colleges and universities. Prof. PEI has published over 10 monographs and textbooks. He has hosted and participated in 12 different kinds of research projects at ministerial and provincial level, supported by National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Fund. In recent years, nearly 60 papers were published in Finance & Trade Economics, Economic Perspectives, China Soft Science, Public Finance Research, Taxation Research, etc. Many of them were reprinted by Xinhua Digest, periodical literatures reprinted by Renmin University of China and some other publications. A number of his research achievements were adopted by local finance bureau, making a great contribution to local economic development. Prof. PEI also acts as the director of Chinese Finance Society, Chinese Research Association for Finance Teaching, Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Economic Theories Research Association and Jiangsu Provincial Audit Society, perennial financial consultant for Jiangsu Provincial Finance Department and standing director of Nanjing Macroeconomics Society.