Study Group from Lao Public Construction and Transportation Ministry Visits NAU

Recently, through a strict examination of the World Bank, the Laboratory of Public Engineering Audit at NAU undertook the "Internal Control Optimization of Lao Public Construction and Transportation Ministry" project sponsored by the World Bank.

On November 7, a study group of 8 people led by Mr. Penalosa, Director General of the Inspection Department arrived in Nanjing and attended the signing ceremony at NAU the next day.

In the meeting, President Yan Weilong delivered a welcome address. He said that established in the same year as the National Audit Office of China, NAU is renowned for its "audit" specialty around the world. Auditor Generals of several countries, such as the United States and South Africa, are honorary professors. The university also attaches great importance to the exchanges and cooperation with foreign universities and institutions. Your visit, without doubt, is the highlight of our international cooperation.

Mr. Penalosa also gave an address. He said that China and Lao are good neighbours with adjoining mountains and rivers. Lao is undergoing a fast economic development, and needs the help from its friends. They hoped to gain more experience, grasp more technology and knowledge from their studies in NAU to contribute to Lao's economic development. And they wished to strengthen bilateral connections and promote multi-tier cooperation through this visit in the future.

Afterwards, Vice President Wang Huijin and Mr. Penalosa signed on the agreement on behalf of each party.

In order to help the Lao Public Construction and Transportation Ministry further strengthen its internal control and internal audit capabilities, the World Bank selected a counsel institute worldwide through public bidding on counsel services and technical support. Thus, the Laboratory of Public Engineering Audit of NAU set up a project team on this matter.

Through the strict examination, the World Bank selected NAU as the sore provider of the services. At present, the three parties are negotiating the detailed arrangements of the project.

The investigative study of the Lao delegation lasts around 7 days, itinerary of which include lectures on China's audit system, theory and practice of internal auditing, UN audit etc., as well as field trips to transportation engineering companies and lab tours.