We Are Proud as NAU People—30th Anniversary of Nanjing Audit University

On November 2, the fresh and elegant NAU campus showed an especially festive appearance. Over a hundred alumni from around the world reunited in their Alma Mater, together with the over 20000 faculty and students on campus, to celebrate the 30th birthday of Nanjing Audit University.

At 13:30 pm, Concert and Theatrical Performance to celebrate the 30th anniversary was held in the school Stadium. Mr. Wang Jiaxin, Mr. Yan Weilong and representatives of the alumni signed on the "Anniversary Wall" as witnesses of NAU's development in the past three decades.

15 teaching units and the general administration performed 16 pieces of music, singing the praises of the motherland, or eulogizing youth, or expressing gratitude to the Alma Mater. Afterwards, the Theatrical Performance unveiled upon the dance named "Celebrating the Birthday of NAU". Mr. Wang Jiaxin recited an impromptu poem, sharing with the audiences his understanding and experience as an "education entrepreneur". The university leadership chorused a powerful and inspirational song "Every One Has to Paddle to Start a Large Ship".

"Education is a battle of ceaseless relay", "audit is the imprint on us","teachers need to stand up as beacons for the students to see further and fly higher"......Filled with boundless pride and enthusiasm, the poesy recitation of "Cantabile NAU" spoke out the aspirations of the faculty and students: we are proud to be NAU people.

Some recent graduates came back to stage with solo music, suona horn performance, and hip-hop dance, expressing their yearning and blessing to the Alma Mater. Foreign music mix by the international students enriched and animated the atmosphere. The school's Chinese orchestra group who have just performed in the Festive Ceremony of the XXI INCOSAI in Beijing alsopresented the folk music of "Horse Racing" with various traditional Chinese instruments. The entire performance dropped the curtain with the dance of "Progressive NAU" and releases of balloons.

The official microblog of NAU and a social network site of Renren gave a live broadcast of this event and released over a hundred posts.

This event is the climax of the series of activities during the year of celebration. Taking the 30th anniversary as an opportunity to pass on heritage, promote mutual understanding, and unite the faculty and students, the university put the main emphasis on creating intellectual atmosphere, upgrading cultural taste, and reinforcing its intrinsic value by holding a series of colorful academic and campus culture activities.