Alumni Came Home: Wherever You Go, NAU People Are Not Alone

On the morning of November 2, principals of alumni associations from different areas gathered in the new Pukou campus, to renew their brotherly friendship and deliberate the university's development. Mr. Wang Jiaxin, Chair of the Board, President Yan Weilong and Vice President Shi Xian attended the gathering.

During the meeting, representatives of the alumni associations reminisced their college years, exclaimed the leaping development of the university, and exchanged ideas of how to promote closer connections between different associations. They all wished to strengthen ties, expand the associations, promote cohesion and attractiveness so as to avail their resources to contribute to their Alma Mater. "Wherever you go, NAU people are not alone".

Wang Jiaxin commented that "A single spark can light a prairie fire". The successive establishment of the alumni associations is a lavish gift for the university. The over 100 alumni who came back on the 30th birthday of NAU are special witnesses of the school's history and development. "Warmth, Strength, Excellence" is the fruit of the 30-year-long NAU culture. He hoped that NAU people can have the spirit of perseverance, show common understanding of the university, and exert positive energy. "Your Alma Mater has never stopped in the course of development. Hopefully you are always proud to claim: I'm NAU alumni."

Yan Weilong gave some directions on how to carry forward alumni work. He pointed out that the life of a university lasts because of its alumni. Dedicated units and personnel should be pointed in the alumni associations, and use modern communication to keep the alumni in touch, so as to ensure the continuous running of the associations. They are platforms for the alumni to support each other, to offer help for on-campus students, and to contribute to the future development of the university.