School Leadership Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Foreign Students

On the evening of September 19, a full moon shining in the dark sky, the fresh and elegant folk music mixed with the ebullient and passionate percussion music of Africa resounded through the platform in the school library.
On this special night of Mid-Autumn Festival, the university leadership headed by Mr. Wang Jiaxin, Chair of the Board, and President Yan Weilong, rejoiced this traditional Chinese festival with all the international students in NAU.
In the happy gathering, diverse performances were presented, including the folk song Beauty of the Taihu Lake, the dance The Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo in the Moonlight, the antiphonal singing Meeting at the Yurt, impromptu calligraphy, and music pieces played by various instruments etc. These performances exhibited the charm of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. In the meantime, our Tanzanian and Liberian friends also performed their national songs and dances for the Chinese audience, pushing the party into one climax higher than the other. The exciting and brisk atmosphere attracted international students to step on the stage, dancing and singing to the music of their nations. All participants were immersed in the sea of joy. 
Though we speak different languages, our friendship sees no boundary. The exchange and communication of Chinese and foreign cultures created a special atmosphere of Mid-Autumn.
Before the gathering, the school leadership had dinner with the auditors from the National Audit Office of Tanzania.
Wang Jiaxin and Yan Weilong gave a short address before the dinner and gathering respectively. They introduced the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and expressed the common aspiration of pursuit for reunion of different peoples.