Opening Ceremony for Freshmen 2013 Held in NAU

On the afternoon of September 21, the Opening Ceremony for Freshman 2013 and Military Training Performance was held in the Runyuan Stadium. The university leadership attended the ceremony which was moderated by Mr. Zhang Jianhong.
Accompanied by the leading officer of the training troop, Wang Jiaxin reviewed the square matrix. Afterwards, several square matrix composed of 3966 freshmen in uniform marched in front of the platform. They also performed military exercises and boxing they learned during training. A special performance this year was the big "NAU 30" displayed by 500 girl students, symbolizing their good wishes to the 30th anniversary of NAU this year.
Following the performance, the Ceremony of Freshmen Scholarship Awarding was held. Ten freshmen received the scholarship.
President Yan Weilong presented a banner to the training troop and delivered an address in the opening ceremony. He shared his views of "what kind of NAU person you want to be", and encouraged the freshmen that "I believe you can" grow into a qualified NAU graduate through four years of hard study and morality cultivation, and through the pursuit of "standardization, particularity, and decency". Yan concluded that with "standardization, particularity, and decency", NAU is for sure to become a better place of learning.
Representatives of teachers, foreign teachers, and students gave their speeches respectively, welcoming the newcomers to this big family. Freshmen representatives took oath on behalf of all freshmen afterwards.
Mr. Wang Jiaxin gave the first lesson to the freshmen. Taking "18 years old" as turning points, Wang reviewed his three stages of self-development, encouraging the students to take grasp of youth, get rid of the old mindset and be creative. He emphasized that "warmth, strength, excellence" is the three aspects we need to work on, which is also the aim of NAU culture.
As to the college life the students were about to embark upon, Wang pointed out that the students should dare to question, dare to criticize, work hard, and learn to balance. "The standards of success is diverse. Besides studying hard, you need to take active participation in cultural and sporting activities. Read a lot to broaden horizon."