The Seminar for Auditors of Tanzania Opened in NAU


On the morning of September 10, the Seminar for Auditors of Tanzania was opened in Nanjing Audit University. Guests attended the Opening Ceremony included Mr. Dong Dasheng, Deputy Auditor General of CNAO, Mr. Kalibashubao, head of the delegation of the National Audit Office of Tanzania, Mr. Zhang Ke, Director General of the Department of Overseas Audit, as well as the leadership of NAU. Mr. Zhou Weipei, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation, moderated the event.
Mr. Dong Dasheng delivered an address. He said that Tanzania and China are two countries with deep friendship, and the opening of this seminar is a good example at hand. Being an active force in the international audit community, the National Audit Office of China (CNAO) is more than willing to, according to the motto of "mutual experience benefits all", share with its Tanzania peer about experience learned during the United Nations audits in the past five years. This seminar will focus on "UN audit" and carry out extensive discussions.
Mr. Wang Jiaxin gave his remarks as well. He said that during the 30 years of development of NAU, CNAO has granted generous support and help. It's an evidence of trust for CNAO to put this seminar in NAU, which also brings great benefits for the optimization of NAU's education resources as well as its teaching quality.
As the only university that carries "audit" in its name, NAU feels great honor and responsibility to provide for the auditors. He hoped that, aside from study, the participants of this seminar can enjoy the charm of Nanjing, a city with both ancient and modern flavor. "May Sino-Tanzanian friendship is ever green like Mount Chomolungma and Mount Kilimanjaro. Wish you happy every day in Nanjing Audit University."
Mr. Kalibashubao spoke on behalf of the delegation that, they thanked CNAO's support and NAU's hospitality. The students would spare no efforts in their studies. In the end, all the Tanzanian auditors rose up to show their gratitude.
After the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Dong Dasheng delivered the first lecture on "The Latest Development of Audit in China". He introduced China's basic situation, its political institution, the latest development of China's economy and society, as well as the government audit in China. In the afternoon, Mr. Dong also shared with the students some audit cases he's been through.
This seminar will last three weeks. Besides taking lectures on UN audit, financial audit, investment audit, an environment audit, the students will also make field visits to CNAO Nanjing Resident Office and Shanghai Municipal Audit Bureau.