May the Graduates Fly Higher with NAU's DNA:Graduation Ceremony 2013

On June 21, the Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Night 2013 was held in Runyuan Stadium. Over 5000 graduates, some parents, alumni, faculty, university leadership and members of the Academic Degrees Evaluation Committee attended the ceremony.

President WANG Jiaxin gave a speech in the tone of a teacher, a president, and a father. He first congratulated the students of their graduation in the year of the university's 30th anniversary. He said that four years ago, the students entered NAU as individual persons, but today you've become a group, we have the same DNA of NAU.

WANG Jiaxin instructed the students that life is not simply from living to death, but an interesting process. Smart people create a better world and life by "chasing the days", qualified citizens "live the days" with positive attitudes. The most undesirable way is to "dawdle the days" which will, as a matter of fact, destroy the quality of life. He hopes that the students can strive for a promising future by "chasing the days" while enjoying ordinary happiness by "living the days".

WANG Jiaxin urged the students to have self-respect, self esteem, self-confidence and self-love. Geographical distance cannot stand in the way of communications of the soul. NAU is the home to the students for always. He ended the speech with a quote, "Where you stand is your China. However you are and whoever you become, China will be the same. As long as you have light, China will not be in the dark."

The ceremony was followed by the Graduation Night themed on "Fly Higher". Each school prepared a performance and the entire party was heated by one climax after another. The performances included a dancing "Fly Higher", a semichorus "I Come from the Sky like a Snowflake", a scene poetry "Love letter to the Alma Mater", and the song "The Storm is Over Now" by the Liberian students, to name just a few. The new school anthem performed by the Faculty Chorus and Student Art Troupe put a perfect completion to the high Night.