Employment rate for 2013 graduates of School of Accounting climbs a new height

Under the guidance of "push forward the graduation work through one-on-one solution", the School of Accounting manages to propel this year's graduation work steadily. By June 26, 2013, the overall employment rate for the school's 2013 graduates has reached 86.11%, 88.64% for CGA major and 87.34% for financial management major in specific.

Among the employers, financial institutions are the primary choices of the graduates, 103 of whom have signed with famous banks such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Standard Chartered Bank and so on. 27 graduates are accepted by renowned accounting firms, such as Deloitte, Ernst and Young, RSM China. Some others have entered prestigious companies like PetroChina and Shenzhen Huawei.

Under this bleak prospect of employment, the School of Accounting still manages to bring the employment rate, employment quality and the passing rate of postgraduate entrance examination to a new height.

The school held a dozen lectures on preparation for the postgraduate entrance examination and application for overseas universities. As a result, 36 students are accepted by domestic universities like Peking University and Fudan Universities, 18 students got the offers from Florida State University and Australian National University etc. Among the 49 students of the Sino-Australian Program, 33 choose to pursue their further studies abroad.

Another mainstream employment area is to take the civil service examination and become a civil servant. Eventually, 12 students are admitted to central state organs and 18 to local government organs.