President Wang Jiaxin leads a delegation to Argentina and Brazil 



At the invitation of Mr. Daniel Reposo, Receivership General of Argentina (RGA) and Prof. Cardo Castro, President of Rio de Janeiro State University of Brazil (UERJ), President Wang Jiaxin led a delegation to the above two countries from May 23 to 31.

Wang Jiaxin was invited to give a keynote speech on "Going Internationalization: China's Audit and Audit Higher Education" in the 10th National Conference of Audit Control for the Public Sector of Argentina. In his speech, Wang gave a brief overview of China's audit development, the major audit work, and introduced NAU philosophy, the teaching facilities, faculties as well as recent achievements. Wang's speech was very well received and he accepted the interview by Argentina media after the conference.

Afterwards, the conference host, the Federation of Argentine Councils of Economics Professionals held a welcoming banquet for NAU delegation. About 20 officials, including leaders of the House of Salta City, the Department of Education, the Department of Receivership, the Department of Audit, and the Department of Finance. The two parties had very pleasant discussions on the state situations, audit systems and education systems of the two countries. The Argentina side expressed their hope of visiting China and Nanjing Audit University at an appropriate time.

The delegation also visited Rio de Janeiro State University, St. Martin State University and Salta State University.

In Rio de Janeiro State University, the Vice Rector received NAU delegation. Established in 1950, UERJ has made remarkable progress in its education quality, scientific research and culture promotion, thus safeguarding its leading position in Brazilian institutes of higher learning. In recent years, UERJ has spared no effort in advancing its internationalization work, and has established cooperation with over 180 universities around the world. NAU is hopefully to become its first Chinese partner. The Vice Rector showed great interest in NAU and hoped to sign a cooperation agreement on faculty and student exchange as well as scientific research as soon as possible.

The delegation also visited St. Martin State University and Salta State University in Argentina, and held cordial discussions with the responsibles.

This rewarding visit helps to promote China, promote Nanjing Audit University and its international image, making China's auditing higher education known by our South American peers.