Museum of Auditing Culture and Education

The Museum of Auditing Culture and Education, in the heart of Nanjing Audit University’s Pukou campus, is the only university-housed museum in China focused on auditing culture. The lavish two-story museum covers a total of fourteen hundred square meters. The first floor features six distinct exhibition halls: “World auditing outlook”, “Auditing in ancient China”, “Auditing in contemporary China”, “Techniques and procedures of auditing”, and “the gallery of auditing figures”. The second floor informs of and celebrates the thirty-year history, development and achievements of the only university in China focused on auditing. The Museum’s exhibits are world-class, including many visual, aural and interactive elements which vividly illustrate the extensive auditing history in China, which dates back to 1000 B.C., via artifacts, multimedia, and instillations. This stylish and informative museum gives access to the world of Chinas’ vast knowledge of auditing. 


“World Audit Outlook” Hall displays an impressive collection of the logos of auditing institutes from over one hundred and eighty nations and regions, as well as a significant number of classical auditing literatures viewable via advanced multimedia technology. This blend of old and new, Chinese and global, represents both the important contribution and growing importance of China in the auditing circle of the world today.

“Auditing in ancient China” Hall shows the development of auditing from the Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century-771 B.C.) to Qing dynasty. This elaborately designed gallery includes Auditing on officers’ financial management assessments, the Reported Audit, the audit system of Bibu, the audit of three departments and the audit system of the central ambassador. 


“Auditing in modern China” Hall is primarily concerned with the outline of development in national audit, CPA audit and internal audit during the Republic of China era, including the national audit during the period of the Northern Warlords Government of China and Nanjing National Government; the accounting firms and audit officials in the Republic of China as well.


“Gallery of auditing figures” Hall delivers our respect, recollection and appreciation towards the heroes who have contributed to the auditing course.
The second floor unfolds the development process of the higher education of Nanjing Audit University during the last 30plus years.
       A great number of pictures and videos illustrate the  kind remembrance  NAU has received from the National Audit Office, Ministry of Education of PRC, and people’s government of Jiangsu Province, as well as the abundant accomplishment we have yield in varied field as personnel training, subject construction, and international communication. 

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